Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Decade Bombing: ISI without its Taliban frontmen?

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A suicide bomber in a vehicle blew himself up at a volleyball game in northwest Pakistan on Friday, killing at least 25 people, officials said, the latest in a long series of deadly attacks by al Qaeda-linked militants.

The Taliban refused to take responsibility for some explosions in public places in Pakistan and blamed the CIA for destabilizing the situation in the country through terror.

[Tarpley has in recent years been painting the British out of the picture. So, his attempt to pin the blame on the CIA is suspicious. I included the quote only because it indicates that the Taliban have disavowed similar atrocities.]

December 3, 2009 (LPAC)—After months of deliberations and weighing pros and cons, President Obama made his second Af-Pak policy statement on Dec. 1, facing a host of grim-faced cadets at West Point. Lyndon LaRouche summarily stated of the policy: "It won't work." Pointing out the unworkable nature of the policy, numerous critics at home and abroad have jumped on the opportunity to trash Obama.

Obama came under attack because of his complete disregard of the facts. He viciously attacked Kabul for corruption and bad governance, while never mentioning even in passing that the massive opium-heroin trafficking network set up during the US/NATO occupation is feeding the terrorists, as well as the bankers in the City of London and Wall Street.

He also failed to report that Taliban is not an Afghan product, but was born in Pakistani territory in 1994 with Saudi money and Pakistani ISI backing — with the British pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Similar forces also nourished al-Qaeda and gave it shelter in Afghan territory. Al-Qaeda and the leadership of the Afghan Taliban escaped defeat by the US forces post-911 by taking shelter in Pakistani territory.

For further indications that the ISI could have been behind this bombing, with the ultimate intent of unleashing chaos in Pakistan and "Apocalyptic" nuclear terrorism, I suggest the following articles: