Monday, January 25, 2010

Surprise! Bogus "bomb detector" made in UK

The US military has been scathing, claiming the wands contained only a chip to detect theft from stores. The claim was based on a study released in June by US military scientists, using x-ray and laboratory analysis, which was passed on to Iraqi officials.

"The examination resulted in a determination that there was no possible means by which the ADE651 could detect explosives and therefore was determined to be totally ineffective and fraudulent," Major Joe Scrocca, a US military spokesman in Baghdad, told the Associated Press.
The US military, and private contractors that guard Baghdad's international zone and airport road, use tried-and-tested sniffer dogs to keep explosives out.
The furore erupted after a BBC Newsnight investigation took the wand to a Cambridge University computer lab, which demonstrated beyond doubt that it contained nothing that could detect components used to make explosives.

Despite the scientific condemnation, the Iraqi interior ministry was standing by its bulk purchase of around 3,000 devices, claiming it had successfully detected 773 bombs.

Well, we know that the Iraqi interior ministry is clueless or lying, and as I recall, it was complicit in kidnappings which were waved through US checkpoints, and whose victims soon turned up headless, with signs of torture. This was declared to be "sectarian violence," and I assume that the sect was Satanism. So, it wouldn't surprise me if it, along with the "Apocalypse" faction in the Anglo-American military-intelligence complex, imposed these monstrous "practical jokes" upon Iraq in order to allow them to conduct their reign of terror there.