Wednesday, February 3, 2010

British media's "Doncaster boys" hoax continues

The parents of the two young boys tortured and sexually humiliated by two brothers have called for the attackers’ parents to face criminal charges.

This is just one of the latest installments of the British media's exercise in fabricating a virtual reality about some (implicitly) possessed kids. Nowhere in this story or any of the other stories on this matter will you find anything that ties them to the real world. At most you will find references to actual people who can't be found, or institutions that would block any inquiries on the basis of protecting the identity of juveniles, as if such monsters could be reformed and released.

This is the quality of the "journalism" that is selling us "free trade," "wars," and puppet-leaders such as Barack "Uncle Tom" Obama, the current President-puppet, posing as the champion of the downtrodden while serving mankind's enemies - a good example of real-world evil.