Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recent LPAC article supports my post-quake assessment of Haiti

Shortly after Haiti's latest major quake, I indicated that the people of Haiti have been the victims of organized Satanism, partly because Haiti is in a good location for Satanists to develop "magical powers" (i.e. possession), and that they would use the disaster as an opportunity to prey on Haitians. Then I had second thoughts, because it seemed too cynical, but didn't remove the posting.

Now I'm glad I didn't remove it. Just recently, on 2/23/10, LPAC ran an article entitled Haiti Is No Natural Disaster, which supports my original conclusion. It states the following:

Unfortunately, the negative side of U.S.-Haitian relations resurfaced under racist President Woodrow Wilson, who invaded the country on behalf of Wall Street and City of London interests in 1915, seizing control of customs and launching an occupation, at times brutal, which lasted until 1934, during which hordes of anthropologists arrived to brainwash Haitians into believing that voodoo was their true religion.
In other words, this was an indication that organized Satanism had moved in on Haiti and was arranging things for their benefit. I wouldn't be surprised if it has been setting Haiti up for such a horrendous disaster since then, knowing that earthquakes occur there every couple of centuries.

The article also reports that George "Mammon" Soros has declared post-quake Haiti to be a "free trade" concentration camp.