Friday, February 5, 2010

There's hope for Afghanistan yet

ISTANBUL – NATO and U.S. officials are putting a more optimistic face on the eight-year-old Afghanistan war, suggesting that tens of thousands more foreign troops can finally turn the corner against a growing Taliban insurgency.

"Yeah, that's the ticket. It'll be like Iraq in no time."
BAGHDAD - A car bomb ripped through a crowd of Shiite pilgrims outside the holy city of Karbala Friday, sending many fleeing into the path of a suicide attacker who detonated a second bomb in coordinated blasts that killed at least 40 people and wounded 150.

These bombings (typically suicide-type) are portrayed as an act of resistance against the occupation, but it appears to me that Sunnis who believe they have no reason to live as a result of the "war" and who are out for revenge against those they believe to be complicit in destroying their world (Shiites) are being manipulated by British-Saudi terrorist controllers, using Wahhabite ("Islamic fundamentalism") twaddle, into perpetrating something that will hardly give them a heavenly afterlife. There are variations in the bombers' motives, but Wahhabite promises of Heaven seem to be a common ingredient, and there isn't an end in sight.