Thursday, March 4, 2010

Barack the Magnificent tells Haiti to go jump in a cesspool

March 1—On Feb. 22, Lyndon LaRouche called for an immediate mobilization by the United States, for the emergency relocation of up to 1 million Haitians living in virtual cesspool conditions in Port-au-Prince, following the Jan. 12 earthquake, into safe quarters, before the arrival of the rainy season in April. Such a mobilization, which is fully within the capability of the U.S. military, is the only means of avoiding a new round of mass death by disease, he said, and therefore must be done.

Within days of LaRouche's proposal, reliable sources informed EIR that those responsible for responding to the ongoing catastrophe had made just such a proposal to the Obama Administration. The sources reported that the President answered with a resounding "no."

One of my first reactions to the quake was to conclude that we would have to relocate a lot of people to refugee camps, and I kept wondering why it wasn't happening. Well, now we know: Obama has prevented it from happening. He doesn't even have the class to stand before us and lie us into a “war,” like Cheney - he commits his mass murder by secretly issuing an order for the U.S. to sit by and watch Haitians die!