Monday, March 29, 2010

Correction regarding effects of Devil's influence

In my essay 6-6-6, The Sun-Demon: Baddest of the Bad, I extrapolated upon a statement contained in Christ and Antichrist by Peter Tradowsky, and in retrospect, I believe that my interpretation was incorrect.

The erroneous statement is contained in the sentence "His influence, once the 'I' is paralyzed, also works its way up through the lower levels of the will, undermining compassion and conscience, and causing thinking to become detached from reality, so that the world is perceived as a sort of movie, beyond our control." The error is the characterization of this detachment as a movie. I don't know exactly what Tradowsky meant, but considering that the Devil's ultimate goal is to split off our higher souls into a realm of fantasy, this detachment from reality might take the form of fantasies or delusions. Note that the context includes a lack of compassion and conscience, perhaps indicating something akin to narcissism, which seems to include an incredible ability to "blank out" any evidence that threatens the narcissist's belief system.

But again, this is my interjection, and should not be given the same weight as Tradowsky's description.