Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Eduardo Valseca case: Satanism disguised as kidnapping

On March 5th, Dateline NBC ran a story about the incredible ordeal of Eduardo Valseca. Since there was no transcript as of this writing, I will refer you to the Washington Post's report for some details. Note that the WaPo article doesn't contain any proposals for improving the situation.

One thing that is clear to me about this case is that it wasn't just about getting ransom. If it were, the kidnappers would have targeted much wealthier people. They eventually settled for much less than they originally requested, but not until after putting Valseca through a 7.5-month ordeal of treatment that would make Cheney and Rumsfeld proud of them. I also suspect that one of the motives was to drive the Valsecas out of Mexico and essentially steal their ranch, which is one of the means which Satanists use to control the real estate market. A good example of this is how "our" government is handling the real estate crisis in this country.

But the real key to realizing that it wasn't just about kidnapping is the fact that this activity is rampant in Mexico. If the Mexican government were allowed to pursue these "kidnappers," it would find a way, such as by tracking the bills paid for ransom. Instead, as with bombings in Iraq, it declares that a certain subversive group is probably behind it, and then pretends to investigate.

Probably not coincidentally, "Mexico" is often "officially" shown with three vertical stripes, each the width of two letters, superimposed upon it. It just so happens that the first two letters convert to 9, the second to 6, and the third to 9. Rotate the 9's and you get 666.