Friday, April 30, 2010

Whatever it takes to save the reputations of mainstream "economists"

April 30, 2010 (LPAC)—The Quixotic emergency drive for a "bailout" of Greece's creditors, launched from London, has triggered a disintegration of the Euro system as a whole, and is threatening a panic collapse of Europe's banks.
April 30, 2010 (LPAC)—As the Obama Administration, in league with a nest of notorious neocons, moves, step by step, closer to provoking a war with Iran, through an international pressure campaign to cut off Iran from any connection to the global economy, a network of determined nut-cases is ramping up a wild propaganda campaign for war now.

It's no coincidence.

Explanation for Lugol's solution's anti-cancer effect

When I first created my blog about Lugol's solution, I tried to find an on-line explanation for its anti-cancer effect, to no avail. However, on a lark, I searched again yesterday, and found one by a retired MD, entitled Breast Cancer, Tamoxifen, Thyroid & Weight Loss (although it applies to cancer in general).

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Biblical fantasy-spinners will never give up

A group of Chinese and Turkish explorers announced this week they are '99.9 percent' sure of their discovery on Mt. Ararat. While Noah's ark found in Turkey would bolster Bible literalists, an American ark-hunter says the latest discovery could be a hoax.

If you "Google" the phrase "Noah legend," you'll soon learn the actual origins of the story of Noah and his ark. It's just a small part of that ancient fraud known as the Old Testament, many other fraudulent aspects of which are exposed in From Babylon to Jerusalem: The Genesis of the Old Testament. Zecharia Sitchin claims that much of the OT is about the ancient "ET gods," one of whose aircraft/spacecraft ports is now known as the Temple Mount.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oil spill: Obama knew or should have known

British Petroleum had a fail-safe system for it's Deepwater Horizon floating deep-water drilling rig.... The thing is, the fail-safe system, about the size of a McMansion sitting at the wellhead on the ocean floor, um, failed.
President Obama claimed last month that off-shore drilling technology had become so advanced that oil spills and blowouts were a thing of the past. Of course, as he said this, Australia and Indonesia were still assessing the damage from a similar offshore oil platform, the Montana, in the Timor Sea, which blew out and poured millions of gallons of oil into the ocean off Western Australia for over three months before it could be sealed off.

So, was it an accident?

Business Weak: Surprise! It's a Wall Street mouthpiece

It all implies that financial reform is the solution. The only way to truly rein in the power of the modern financial giants, aka the too-big-to-fail club, is for governments to embrace balanced budgets. That's what Tyler Cowen, economist at George Mason University and Marginal Revolution blogger, recently wrote about the U.S.
Congress and the White House moved with surprising speed (measured by Washington legislative time, of course) last month to pass a bill aimed at bailing out the U.S. housing and mortgage markets.
Meanwhile, it's safe to say the Fed is still shaped by its mistakes of eight decades ago. History rewards the bold—not the timid —when the financial system is threatened with collapse. And that may not be fair, but it's necessary.

Chris Farrell, an apparent whore of Babylon, is pushing the same snake oil that got us into this mess: trillions for the bankers' gambling IOUs, nothing for the real economy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Titanics of industry keep sinking

For the first time in half a decade, the U.S. tech industry in 2009 slashed large numbers of skilled workers from its payrolls. The findings, disclosed in a technology trade group's annual analysis of employment and wage trends in the industry, could slow an overall improvement in the U.S. economy, the group concluded.

Don't worry - Goldman Sharks is rolling in dough, and what's good for GS is good for America, somehow. You just gotta BELIEVE, and it will magically come true. So don't burst our bubbles.

Monday, April 26, 2010

As Obummer celebrates "recovery," other Nazis drool over the prospect of mass murder

"Hell, we could have double growth for 30 years and never grow our way out of this.... Then if we can do that [i.e. face "reality"] — and that's my naive objective — then we CAN start letting blood." He also made it clear that the commission would consider further cuts in Medicare, beyond those already including in Obama's Hitlerian death bill: "Somebody said, well, is the new health care bill off the table? I said, nothing is off the table, absolutely nothing." [emphasis added]

Note that Simpson didn't say "we'll have to start letting blood," but "we CAN start letting blood." In fact, that's precisely the purpose for the "free market" money-sucking bubbles created by Obama's "titans of industry": to destroy what's left of the American economy in the guise of "fiscal responsibility." For background on this sort of "recovery," see Final Solution: The Schachtian Economy of the Third Reich.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Obama visits Billy Graham: Just politics, or promise, too?

Mr. Obama brought his motorcade to Mr. Graham’s log cabin home on the way to the airport after a weekend break in nearby Asheville with his wife, Michelle, and several Chicago friends. The two met for about a half hour in private, without news cameras, but Mr. Burton said they “had a private prayer.”

I wonder whether Obama made any predictions on the date of the Rapture.

Obama's Wall Street song & dance protects Wall Street's image as wealth-creator

And for those of you in the financial sector I'm sure that some of these lobbyists work for you and they’re doing what they are being paid to do. But I’m here today specifically -- when I speak to the titans of industry here....
As the U.S. housing market began its epic fall nearly three years ago, top executives at Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs cheered the large financial gains the firm stood to make on certain bets it had placed, according to newly released documents.
It is those directions of change in the technological environment of education and production, which increase the net productive powers of labor, per capita, per household, and per square kilometer. Without those changes, reversing the entropy of technological attrition, the economic process would be as characteristically an "entropic zero-sum game" as the quackery of systems analysis presumes. It is those creative powers of the individual human mind, the same which define man as in the image of the Creator, which are the sole source of sustainable profit (e.g., sustainable not-entropy) in economies.
April 24, 2010 (LPAC)—The following news item was posted on the Chicago Sun Times blog of political writer Lynn Sweet back in October 2007. What it demonstrates is that the Barack Obama ties to Goldman Sachs, like his sponsorship by British operative George Soros, predated the big push around his Presidential campaign. The relationship is about more than just the $1 million that Goldman Sachs employees dished out for Obama's Presidential campaign. It is about deep political ties, channels of control, and the mechanisms through which the British pull the strings on the Obama Presidency:

It is impossible to serve both Wall Street and the U.S.A., and it is obvious which one Obama considers to be his master.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

US soldiers subjected to SRA as part of the "war on terror"

An army sergeant who had received 22 honors including a Combat Action Badge prior to being wounded in Iraq by a mortar shell was told he was faking his medical symptoms and subjected to abusive treatment until he agreed to a "personality disorder"(PD) discharge.

After a doctor with the First Cavalry division wrote he was out for "secondary gain," Chuck Luther was imprisoned in a six- by eight-foot isolation chamber, ridiculed by the guards, denied regular meals and showers and kept awake by perpetual lights and blasting heavy metal music---abuses similar to the punishments inflicted on terrorist suspects by the CIA.

Like I said, the "war on terror" is partly Satanism on a vast scale, with the majority of the soldiers in the "war" as victims along with the native populations.

The Pentagon must not be very concerned about recruitment - perhaps because in this "recovery," the military is the only option open to many.

The hypocrisy!

There is obviously no war on drugs, at least until the British Empire has made all it can from them, and after they've done their damage. Then they clean up on private prisons (which also provide opportunities for a certain level of SRA) and rehab clinics. A royal scam, indeed. What does the Queen have in that purse? Samples? "The first one's free."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Devil's advocate-network pushes "Armageddon"

April 20, 2010 (LPAC)—The British are waging a full-scale propaganda offensive on behalf of an Israeli breakaway ally attack on Iran, sometime soon. While the U.S. military continues to sound warnings against an Israeli or American military strike on Iran's so-called nuclear weapons program, the Rupert Murdoch media apparatus is on an all-out drive to create the conditions for just such strikes.
In the face of this all-out British war propaganda offensive, reminiscent of exactly the kind of yellow journalism that preceded the U.S. and U.K. invasion of Iraq, JCS Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, over the weekend, spoke at Columbia University and voiced opposition to a near-term attack on Iran, warning that the two things that would totally destabilize the region would be an Iranian nuclear bomb and a military attack against Iran. Mullen warned against "unintended consequences" of such an attack, but Lyndon LaRouche responded by asking, "Why unintended? They are intended...."

How appropriate that one of Fox News' sister-publications is leading the charge for what would undoubtedly be considered by Fundies to be a fulfillment of "Apocalyptic" prophecy, a.k.a. Ahriman's artificial "Apocalpse." "Fox," after all, converts to 6-6-6, (f>6, o>15>6, x>24>6), a designation for Satan's inspiration, the Devil. They'd be in for a shock if they have to live through the "fulfillment," which would go only as far as destroying civilization and mankind, with no Rapture, no physical return and physical kingdom of Christ, no Extreme Makeover Earth Edition and no triumphant return to a Heaven on Earth. These beliefs are based on the biggest disinformation campaign in history, and there is no shame in admitting that you don't really believe it. Thank God that Adm. Mullen is apparently not out to "fulfill prophecy." Maybe there's some hope left for our government after all.

Added article to Campaigner website

I added Aristotle, Political Warfare, and Classical Studies to The Campaigner Unbound website. If you're looking for a conspiracy that goes back to Sitchin's "astronaut gods," or at least to Marduk's priesthood, this is for you. It shows how, even then, the magicians mentioned in the Bible as part of the Babylonian priesthood were waging war on the development of human consciousness, through Aristotle. It doesn't get much more evil than that. They were also complaining about "overpopulation" then, too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Golden Dawn fits the pattern

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (or, more commonly, the Golden Dawn) was a magical order active in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which practiced theurgy and spiritual development. It has been one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western occultism.

There is no doubt that some of the men and women who received Golden Dawn initiation found the Order's teachings and its syncretistic approach little to their taste.... Arthur Machen seems to have eventually come to the conclusion that the Golden Dawn was no more than a bad joke....
From the introduction of Astral Projection, Ritual Magic, and Alchemy: Golden Dawn Material by S.L. MacGregor Mathers and Others - Edited and Introduced by Francis King (book form only)

The Golden Dawn, the prototypical "modern occult" movement, is not a bad joke, but an evil joke. Upon first perusal, I noted the same pattern I saw in Wicca: a core of Satanists plying their "religion" by playing head-games with the outer circles consisting of misguided truth-seekers. It's actually a general-purpose front for organized Satanism, so you might be able to imagine more ways they can use it than I can.

There appears to be a connection between the founders of the GD and the Ripper murders, which occurred at about the same time the GD was founded. These murders actually symbolized the "dawning" of the age of Satan, a.k.a. The [33] New [42] Age [13, total: 88] - see my essays on the Ripper case.

If you're looking for truthful, detailed information about the nature of the spiritual realms, a good place to start is with one of Rudolf Steiner's introductory books. Another good introductory work is Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction to his Spiritual World-View, Anthroposophy by Roy Wilkerson, which is also on-line. (The "new age" mentioned in the book is the Age of Light, i.e. the end of the Kali Yuga. The New Age is partly an attempt to sow disinformation at this time, when people are becoming curious about the spiritual world.)

These "occult movements" not coincidentally arose in Great Britain at about the same time as Christian Literalism, i.e. fundamentalism. Not long afterward, along came Dirty Bertie Russell and his sidekick H.G. Wells, who came up with their Open Conspiracy, which was concerned with devising quasi-religious movements designed to transfer people's loyalty to the British Empire in the guise of a grass-roots "conspiracy." It's actually quite slick, and disguised as the work of an average mind who couldn't pull the wool over our eyes. EIR published some great articles on this, including The`No-Soul' Gang Behind Reverend Moon's Gnostic Sex Cult (which touches upon Scientology as a "CIA front") and The CCF and the God of Thunder Cult. As usual, they don't just try to analyze the work - they get inside the minds of the writers to expose their motives.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ominous moves against Iran

When Blair was called before Britain's Chilcot Inquiry on Jan. 29 of this year to defend the lies he used to launch the Iraq War, he told the hearing that the Iraq war had been necessary, even if there were no weapons of mass destruction, in order to prepare the world for the coming war with Iran.
Obama's so-called Nuclear Security Summit on April 12-13 was mainly an opportunity for Obama to personally knock the skulls of world leaders to try to force them into backing these UN "sanctions" leading to war.
It is very revealing of the lies Obama is retailing today, that the Brazil newspaper O Globo added that Lula planned to tell Hu that "the argument used by the White House, that Israel could lose patience and attack Iran, is groundless, since ... Israel would not attack without U.S. consent."
April 16, 2010 (LPAC)— Feeling the need of bonuses on their way to retirement from the human race, three-quarters of the U.S. Congress and Senate sent a letter to President Obama this week, urging him to impose "crippling sanctions" upon Iran, without or without United Nations action....
For that proposition, the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), funder of the letter, found great bipartisan unity.

Finally - an honest economic report from Congress: the system is collapsing, and we have to provide an "explanation," i.e. world war. Note that this was preceded by some tough talk about their financial masters to get on our good side, which I suspected would soon be followed by something evil in the dark, such as this strong support for another big lie intended to start a war.

Also note that Obama and the Israeli government have been drifting apart on certain issues lately, perhaps to set the stage for Israel pretending to "go rogue" and invading Iran. Congress' vote might have been the signal for Israel to proceed.

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Free trade" in the news

The doctor shortage, and the recent mine disasters are both consequences of turning society into a Wal-Mart where all that matters is low prices, until all of the producers decide it's just not worth it, and go out of business. Eventually, space travel/exploration will be declared to be "too expensive" from the typical "free trade economist's" myopic-accountant perspective. British agent Obama is just breaking it do us gradually, and the dominoes will now start falling. "Free trade" is doing exactly what the British financial oligarchy intended to do: destroy civilization.

The foreclosure crisis also continues unabated, just as LaRouche said it would without the HBPA, i.e. with a "free trade" approach of the government abandoning its citizens to the predations of "the market." Now we hear reports of foreclosed houses selling for far less than their pre-foreclosure "value," meaning that the banks could have written down the loans and spared the homeowners the ordeal. Without LaRouche's HBPA, there will be no end to the foreclosure crisis, until society is destroyed.

Dr. Steven Hatfield, SRA-victim

Among the various reasons behind the persecution of Dr. Steven Hatfield at the hands of the FBI, I smell SRA, i.e. gratuitous cruelty. (I also smell it in the foreclosure crisis.) Wasn't it the FBI that "officially" declared Satanism to be nonexistent? Or rather, Satanists within the FBI?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beast-men of war

Every time I turn my attention to the "war on terror," I find more evidence to support my contention that it partly consists of Satanism on a vast scale, in the form of inflicting cruelty on a mass scale by causing widespread suffering and terror. It's not a side effect of this war, but one of its purposes. It's no coincidence that the event which supposedly triggered it was a truly "black" operation, the details of which will probably never be exposed, perpetrated by the "Apocalypse" faction within US/UK/Israel military-intelligence complex. There is no way it could have occurred without their complicity, and the fact that Dark Dick's team of Devil's advocates "legalized" torture is just further evidence that evil was intended to be an inherent aspect of this "war."

The article which triggered this latest case of the "I told you so's" is War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, which describes a pattern of gratuitous war crimes in the "war on terror."

The initial comment on the article, contained on the same page, defended these war crimes on the basis that war crimes are an inherent aspect of warfare. As "proof," it cites some of the atrocities perpetrated during WWII by certain members of the Allied forces. In fact, this same Satanist military-intelligence faction was around at that time, too, and some of what is happening in the "war on terror" reign of terror was developed in WWII. Satanists have used warfare as an opportunity to perpetrate their "religion" for centuries, but not on such a scale. (As evidence of this connection, see Satan on War.) Suspected war criminals should be put on trial for their alleged crimes, and sentenced accordingly, and not let off the hook with lame excuses.

Such war crimes, and not some supposed dark, bloody ceremonies, are the reality of advanced Satanism. Ceremonial "sacrifice" IS an aspect of black magic, but this is not to be confused with the free-form sadism (within guidelines, to prevent exposure) of advanced Satanism. If we accept the FBI's definition of Satanism, we'll conclude that it doesn't exist, which is precisely what Satan wants.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who are the terrorists?, part 45006223007209356

"Up to 71 civilians were killed in a weekend strike by Pakistani jets near the Afghan border, survivors and a government official said Tuesday — a rare confirmation of civilian casualties that risks undercutting public support for the fight against militants."

What's the difference between being terrified of suicide bombers that trace back to the British Empire, or being terrified of bombs falling from planes controlled by the British Empire? It's a reign of terror, not a war on terror. It's just moved to another location, and being run by another British puppet.

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Saving the planet": code for "killing the people"

Even worse, more and more of the world's grain crop is going into biofuels. In the United States, which alone accounts for 40 percent of world corn (maize) production, 34 percent of the entire 2009 corn crop went for fuel ethanol! This year is running at the same pace.

34 percent! Looks like we're going green indeed - Soylent Green, that is. Congress doesn't suffer from insanity - it revels in it. I especially liked the recent show in which they told Wall Street who's boss. It was probably scripted by Wall Street, and soon to be followed by secretly passing more bills written by Wall Street, to kill more people.

The Taliban's reverse psychology

I probably should explain the sense in which I meant the preceding entry, because on the surface, it would appear that the Taliban were attacking the "anti-opium" program which Obama supports. Well, the fact is that the reason British agent Obama supports it is that it won't work, partly because of the Taliban-mafia's violence and intimidation. The effect of the Taliban's bombing such a prominent symbol of this program is to give the impression that it is a real threat to opium production, and that it should remain in place. If all the Taliban wanted to do was to intimidate farmers, they could do this in a lower-profile manner without drawing attention. So, they were in effect supporting Obama's program, which won't work, and undermining the realistic approach advocated by LaRouche.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Taliban joins Obama's anti-anti-opium cause

A bomb attack in southern Afghanistan killed at least 8 people today, according to reports. It appeared aimed at a Western antidrug program targeting the world's largest opium production by encouraging farmers to plant alternative crops.

The main difference is that the Taliban are using violence to protect British drug profits, while Obama uses policies.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(CBS) He was called nothing less than "The Man Who Crashed The World." Today, CBS News Chief Investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports Joseph Cassano met with Justice Department lawyers in Washington in hopes of ending a major criminal case against him.

Calling someone an elephant doesn't make them one, either. Perhaps Cassano's hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses are actually for taking the fall for the real culprits. The actual face of this crisis is one of Alan Greenspan's faces which he doesn't show in public - that of the British lackey who deliberately engineered the bubble and got out just before it started collapsing.

But what we really need to know is the face of the recovery, and that face belongs to Lyndon LaRouche, who has been forecasting this crisis for decades, based on the situation and the direction of economic policy at the time of each forecast.

Website revision

I've added a section to the end of Wicca: The Cult of Isis' "magical pagan" front.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Satan revives his Iraqi reign of terror for Easter

BAGHDAD (AP) — Suicide attackers detonated three car bombs near embassies in Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 35 people and wounding more than 200 in back-to-back attacks, authorities said.

The bombings came two days after a chilling execution-style attack by gunmen who raided homes south of Baghdad, killing 24 people, many of them believed to be anti-al-Qaeda fighters. The rise in bloodshed after a relative lull deepened fears that insurgents are seizing on the political uncertainty after last month's close parliamentary elections to sow further instability.

More of those "last throes?"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The ultimate Earth Grid map

Since I last searched for maps of the Earth Grid on the internet, which must have been about eight years ago, Bethe Hagens has created a database for use with Google Earth, which provides a detailed view of the Earth Grid for the entire planet. For more information, go to Basic Instructions for Exploring the UVG Grid with Google Earth.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another of Obama's Hitlerian qualities

Speaking today in an interview broadcast on CBS, President Barack Obama alleged that “all the evidence” available to him showed that Iran’s civilian nuclear program was secretly aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

Impeach the big liar!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Democratic" officials show their underlying fascism

April 1, 2010 — It was confirmed today that it is the unelected party staff at the office in Sacramento which made the decision to deny a booth to LaRouche Democrats at this month's California Democratic Party convention. A check submitted for the booth was returned, with the excuse that there was no more room, the hall was fully booked. A leading official told us that, in reality, a decision was made to keep us out of the hall by unelected party bureaucrats....

"We'll tell you how things are going to change, and you'll like it, or else! Heil Obama!"

Second thoughts on supposed extreme abuse at nursing-home

Upon further reflection on the lurid claims of abuse at a nursing home, first mentioned in a post below, it occurred to me that there might be more to this than meets the eye. After all, members of organized Satanism are governed by strict limits on SRA so that there is never any physical evidence that can't be explained away. Perhaps "the team," including the medical examiner, knew that nobody cared about the victim, and that no independent autopsy would be performed. However, it appears that organized Satanism periodically sanctions a case of extreme abuse in civilized society (it's normally reserved for "war" zones and the like), perhaps as a means of waving it under our noses to gloat over our obliviousness. It is also possible that the defendant had "gone off the reservation" or was never part of organized Satanism, and was following his own guidelines, but based on what? Where did he get the idea that such abuse confers some benefit? In any case, it seems that he would have made certain that nobody could walk in on him in mid-flight.

It might also turn out that the charges against the defendant have been fabricated, but there is evidently some physical evidence to support them.

So, I should have waited for more evidence to come in before passing judgment in this case.

Geithner floats typical "free trade" lie on employment

"The economy's going to start creating jobs again," Geithner said. "The economy's growing now, that's the first step and with growth jobs will come."

But it will take a long time to make up ground lost to the recession, he said.

The fact is that the first step to an economic recovery is to create productive jobs. Geitner's statement is a confession that he has no intent of creating a recovery. By "growth," he was probably referring to financial tumors and death rates - his ultimate products.