Monday, April 26, 2010

As Obummer celebrates "recovery," other Nazis drool over the prospect of mass murder

"Hell, we could have double growth for 30 years and never grow our way out of this.... Then if we can do that [i.e. face "reality"] — and that's my naive objective — then we CAN start letting blood." He also made it clear that the commission would consider further cuts in Medicare, beyond those already including in Obama's Hitlerian death bill: "Somebody said, well, is the new health care bill off the table? I said, nothing is off the table, absolutely nothing." [emphasis added]

Note that Simpson didn't say "we'll have to start letting blood," but "we CAN start letting blood." In fact, that's precisely the purpose for the "free market" money-sucking bubbles created by Obama's "titans of industry": to destroy what's left of the American economy in the guise of "fiscal responsibility." For background on this sort of "recovery," see Final Solution: The Schachtian Economy of the Third Reich.