Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beast-men of war

Every time I turn my attention to the "war on terror," I find more evidence to support my contention that it partly consists of Satanism on a vast scale, in the form of inflicting cruelty on a mass scale by causing widespread suffering and terror. It's not a side effect of this war, but one of its purposes. It's no coincidence that the event which supposedly triggered it was a truly "black" operation, the details of which will probably never be exposed, perpetrated by the "Apocalypse" faction within US/UK/Israel military-intelligence complex. There is no way it could have occurred without their complicity, and the fact that Dark Dick's team of Devil's advocates "legalized" torture is just further evidence that evil was intended to be an inherent aspect of this "war."

The article which triggered this latest case of the "I told you so's" is War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, which describes a pattern of gratuitous war crimes in the "war on terror."

The initial comment on the article, contained on the same page, defended these war crimes on the basis that war crimes are an inherent aspect of warfare. As "proof," it cites some of the atrocities perpetrated during WWII by certain members of the Allied forces. In fact, this same Satanist military-intelligence faction was around at that time, too, and some of what is happening in the "war on terror" reign of terror was developed in WWII. Satanists have used warfare as an opportunity to perpetrate their "religion" for centuries, but not on such a scale. (As evidence of this connection, see Satan on War.) Suspected war criminals should be put on trial for their alleged crimes, and sentenced accordingly, and not let off the hook with lame excuses.

Such war crimes, and not some supposed dark, bloody ceremonies, are the reality of advanced Satanism. Ceremonial "sacrifice" IS an aspect of black magic, but this is not to be confused with the free-form sadism (within guidelines, to prevent exposure) of advanced Satanism. If we accept the FBI's definition of Satanism, we'll conclude that it doesn't exist, which is precisely what Satan wants.