Friday, April 16, 2010

"Free trade" in the news

The doctor shortage, and the recent mine disasters are both consequences of turning society into a Wal-Mart where all that matters is low prices, until all of the producers decide it's just not worth it, and go out of business. Eventually, space travel/exploration will be declared to be "too expensive" from the typical "free trade economist's" myopic-accountant perspective. British agent Obama is just breaking it do us gradually, and the dominoes will now start falling. "Free trade" is doing exactly what the British financial oligarchy intended to do: destroy civilization.

The foreclosure crisis also continues unabated, just as LaRouche said it would without the HBPA, i.e. with a "free trade" approach of the government abandoning its citizens to the predations of "the market." Now we hear reports of foreclosed houses selling for far less than their pre-foreclosure "value," meaning that the banks could have written down the loans and spared the homeowners the ordeal. Without LaRouche's HBPA, there will be no end to the foreclosure crisis, until society is destroyed.