Thursday, April 1, 2010

Second thoughts on supposed extreme abuse at nursing-home

Upon further reflection on the lurid claims of abuse at a nursing home, first mentioned in a post below, it occurred to me that there might be more to this than meets the eye. After all, members of organized Satanism are governed by strict limits on SRA so that there is never any physical evidence that can't be explained away. Perhaps "the team," including the medical examiner, knew that nobody cared about the victim, and that no independent autopsy would be performed. However, it appears that organized Satanism periodically sanctions a case of extreme abuse in civilized society (it's normally reserved for "war" zones and the like), perhaps as a means of waving it under our noses to gloat over our obliviousness. It is also possible that the defendant had "gone off the reservation" or was never part of organized Satanism, and was following his own guidelines, but based on what? Where did he get the idea that such abuse confers some benefit? In any case, it seems that he would have made certain that nobody could walk in on him in mid-flight.

It might also turn out that the charges against the defendant have been fabricated, but there is evidently some physical evidence to support them.

So, I should have waited for more evidence to come in before passing judgment in this case.