Wednesday, April 21, 2010

US soldiers subjected to SRA as part of the "war on terror"

An army sergeant who had received 22 honors including a Combat Action Badge prior to being wounded in Iraq by a mortar shell was told he was faking his medical symptoms and subjected to abusive treatment until he agreed to a "personality disorder"(PD) discharge.

After a doctor with the First Cavalry division wrote he was out for "secondary gain," Chuck Luther was imprisoned in a six- by eight-foot isolation chamber, ridiculed by the guards, denied regular meals and showers and kept awake by perpetual lights and blasting heavy metal music---abuses similar to the punishments inflicted on terrorist suspects by the CIA.

Like I said, the "war on terror" is partly Satanism on a vast scale, with the majority of the soldiers in the "war" as victims along with the native populations.

The Pentagon must not be very concerned about recruitment - perhaps because in this "recovery," the military is the only option open to many.