Monday, May 31, 2010

Was the Gulf oil disaster deliberate?

I again wonder whether the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico was deliberate, and whether British Puppets, including Obama, are just pretending to try to stop the flow while planning to make the crisis as bad as possible. The sheer number of "mistakes" made before the disaster defies the belief that they were simply mistakes.

Although the British consider Earth to be their planet, and the human race to be a planetary pestilence which should be limited to the numbers and activities which serve their purposes, they also think in terms of hundreds or thousands of years, so that they would consider destroying the Gulf for a century to be a net positive if it helps to destroy the U.S., which is still the greatest threat to the Empire, especially with LaRouche as an advisor.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Angela Merkel exposes the media

BERLIN — It was only nine months ago that Forbes magazine named German Chancellor Angela Merkel the world's most powerful woman for the fourth year in a row.
But over the last few months, the German chancellor's handling of Europe's economic crisis has made her widely disliked at home and increasingly isolated and even reviled abroad.

The article neglects to point out that her fall from grace coincided with the German government's decision to protect Germany from the British Empire, which the mainstream media supports when push comes to shove.

NY Times admits: Obama planning to make things as bad as possible in the Gulf

After the failure of an effort to seal off a well spewing oil one mile beneath the Gulf of Mexico, a top Obama administration environmental official said the government is “prepared for the worst” in case new attempts do not succeed in fully containing the gusher until relief wells are finished sometime in August.

This would explain why, according to the May 30th LaRouche Show, the Obama administration has done nothing to process the early May request from state officials to create sand berms offshore to protect the shore, or taken any of many other potential measures to mitigate the environmental/economic catastrophe taking shape as Obama waxes eloquent about some massive fantasy-response for which there is no evidence in the physical world. (If there were any real evidence, why would he and his buddies at BP have staged a "Potemkin Village" just in time for Obama's visit?) He just can't lie enough - it's time to throw a net over him and lock him in a padded cell, and let some real Americans take over.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

We should know by now that really big criminals are untouchable

What's the big mystery about the lack of criminal charges against those responsible for the Gulf of Oil? They've got very short connections to the masters of the universe, with their quadrillions in monopoly money and a whole lot of Congressional puppets hell bent on turning it into U.S. currency. They're untouchable, so their boy Obama's pretending to be responsible, while telling us out of another side of his mouth that BP is the expert on stopping the undersea geyser.

Meanwhile, Pelosi is blaming the Bush administration for BP's criminal actions, forgetting that it was she who took impeachment "off the table" (effectively rewriting the Constitution) on orders from HER British masters.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ripper case: "Misfit" at interesting angle; mystery of 15 solved?

In the course of plotting the significant "non-canonical" murders, I plotted the location where Rose Mylett's body was found, and later deleted the marker (it was 8, which as you can tell is missing from the bottom map on The Ripper's Pentagram page), because it didn't seem to fit into the pattern with the rest. Besides, she wasn't slashed or stabbed, but strangled, according to the first post mortem, which was performed by a surgeon, and which stated that there were definite signs of a cord around her neck, and signs that she had tried to pull the cord away from her neck.

However, after recognizing that angles are a significant part of the pattern, and finding that the bearing between St. Paul's and marker 9 is almost exactly 15 degrees above the east-west axis, it occurred to me that the significance of Rose Mylett's murder might lie in the bearing relative to St. Paul's, which is actually a covert temple of Ishtar. ("Saint Paul's" just happens to convert to all sorts of combinations of 6 and 9, perhaps explaining the choice of names.)

Rose Mylett's murder took place in "Clarke's Yard," shown on the above map, derived from a map in a Jack the Ripper Casebook forum . (By the way, on a hunch, I converted "Clarke's" to its numerical equivalent, and got 69.) I didn't find any reports on exactly where in the yard the body was found, so I assumed somewhere in the middle for starters. When I calculated the bearing from St. Paul's to this point, I got about 95.84 degrees, and concluded that it was intended to occur at precisely 96 degrees (6 degrees below the east-west axis), which is the case toward the back of the yard, which is actually a more likely spot for a murder, and is where I placed a square dot on the map (at approximately 51.508342,-0.013701).

Another interesting aspect of this murder is that it took place on 12/20/1888, almost precisely on the winter solstice, and just a day or two past the full Moon. It's also "numerologically correct," because the digits add up to 30 (12/20/1888>3/2/25>30).

If the "15" implied by the pattern's 15 degree angle (above the east-west axis) is numerologically converted to 6, and combined with the bearing of Rose Mylett's murder (96), the result, when the 9 in 96 is rotated, is 666.

The sunrise dates which correspond to this angle are 3/5/1888 and 10/8/1888, which are interesting in that 3+5=8 and 10+8=18. Other than that, I couldn't find anything of significance about them.

The mystery of 15 solved?

In earlier posts, I concluded that the main significance of the 15 degree angle in the pattern is that 15 converts to 6, and I still believe that this one of its intended meanings. However, it occurred to me that Zecharia Sitchin discovered that each of the 12 major astronaut-gods was assigned a rank between 5 and 60, with increments of 5. 60 was assigned to Anu, and 15 was assigned to none other than Inanna, a.k.a. Ishtar.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Website revision

I revised The Ripper's Pentagram after realizing that the additions to the pattern caused by including the non-canonical murder sites seem to be intended to draw attention to the significance of the bearing of something relative to the east end of St. Paul's.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Website revision

I've revised my webpage entitled The Ripper's Pentagram, and in the course of doing so, I reinforced my original conclusions, plotted the other murder sites, and discovered another pattern.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Financial reform" in place, Dow drops

Sounds like time for Barack the Magnificant to flex his new super-bailout powers. What a coincidence.

Is BP killing time until gusher runs out on its own?

That would explain a lot, such as why they didn't want us to see the video. If we couldn't see what's really going on, they could claim to have stopped the leak when it stopped on its own.

If we continue to allow drilling to occur at such depths, we need to have a way to stop leaks fast, assuming that the "fail-safe" methods don't work.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Empire trots out "terrorist" puppet to distract from "financial reform" travesty

CAIRO – An American-Yemeni cleric whose Internet sermons are believed to have helped inspire attacks on the U.S. has advocated the killing of American civilians in an al-Qaida video released Sunday.

Obama's puppeteers evidently decided to trot out their "Islamic terrorist" puppet to distract us from the truth about the "financial reform" bill which the Senate recently passed. In the course of doing so, Obama, Dodd and Reid prevented the Senate from having the opportunity to debate any truly effective measures. Since when does a President tell Congress what to do? This is yet another example of Obama's utter contempt for the Constitution, in his service to the British Empire.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Website revision

After publishing the Ripper rewrite, I remembered that The Book of the Law was supposedly fed to Crowley by a being called Aiwass, not by Horus. So, I redid the final section of the Background page, but the conclusion is essentially the same.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama's environmental reform

WASHINGTON – Days after the Gulf Coast oil spill, the Obama administration pledged to keep its "boot on the throat" of BP to make sure the company did all it could to cap the gushing leak and clean up the spill. But a month after the April 20 explosion, anger is growing about why BP PLC is still in charge of the response.

Until you admit that Obama is a craven British puppet, you'll never understand him. He also promised to get tough on the (British) bankers who destroyed the economy, but according to reports, his puppet Harry Reid and his fellow traitor Senator Dud (as his last great act of service to the British Empire), have given us just the opposite: unlimited executive bailout authority, although we can politely ask Satan's bankers not to kill us until we're blue in the face.

Based on 60 Minutes' report on how the mile-deep gusher started, it has signs of having been deliberate, and those responsible should lose everything, including their freedom, but they won't, because it's their plantation and Obama's their Uncle Tom. Was BP's plan to let it go on as long as possible by stringing us along with promises of stopping it? Is Obama deliberately preventing the US government from taking warfare-scale measures to do something besides destroy civilization? Is this another front in British Agent Obama's war on the United States?

Website revision

I've rewritten Jack the Ripper: Encrypted Proclamation of the Fake Apocalypse.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Give the DoD the capability to fight undersea oil leaks

BP CEO Tony Hayward raised eyebrows last week when he said his company's broken oil well was releasing a relatively "tiny" amount of oil and dispersant into the vast volume of water that is the Gulf of Mexico.

That comment stands in stark contrast to reports over the weekend that scientists have discovered giant oil plumes under the waters of the gulf. Scientists are worried about what the potential impact of so much oil, and the chemical dispersant being used to keep it from coming ashore, on marine life. Much of that life is unseen and not well understood.

Scientists are speculating that the plumes, one that's at least 10 miles long under the surface, could account for the differences between the official estimates of how many barrels of oil are pumping into the gulf, with Coast Guard and BP using the figure of about 5,000 barrels and some scientists saying the flow could be 10 times that or more.

Let this catastrophe be a warning for us to give the DoD whatever they need to devise means of quickly stopping such leaks in the future. If the British Foreign Office can regard Glass-Steagall as a hostile act toward them, then this “inadvertent” undersea oil gusher could be viewed as an act of war on the US by the British Empire, as is their economic policy known as "free trade" (i.e. abandonment of the population to the whims of the Empire) which produced this disaster.

But this assumes that there will be any civilization left after a few more months of leaving British Agent Uh-oh Obama in the Oval Office.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hole found in universe, Ben Bailout to the rescue

"A vast hole in space has been unexpectedly discovered in a part of the universe thought to be packed with a cloud of dense gas and dust — the latest in a string of cosmic finds by the European Herschel infrared space telescope."

Ben Bernanke immediately vowed to fill it with dollars.

As BP creates monument to "free trade," Empire's concern is Glass-Steagall

The president’s admission of a breakdown in government procedures comes amid reports that federal regulators were lax in oversight and issuing permits for drilling in the Gulf. He slammed the “cozy relationship” oil companies have with the Minerals Management Services, and said the Interior Department will embark on a “top-to-bottom reform” of the agency and conduct a review of the environmental procedures for drilling.

(I guess Congress has been too busy fighting "global warming" to worry about regulations on oil wells on the ocean floor.)

[An official of the British Finance Ministry] informed me, that any move in the United States to re-adopt a Glass-Steagall framework would, in fact, be viewed as a hostile act by Great Britain and by the nations of Europe.... He went so far as to say that someone from the British Foreign Office would be contacting their counterpart in the U.S. State Department to make this position clear.

The Empire's planned end of law and order

It appears that Hollywood is about to issue our roles for a future phase of the British Empire's and its emperor-puppet Obama's planned hyperinflationary "economic recovery" (of global bestiality) in the form of a movie entitled Machete. The ad for it shows a neo-Neanderthal (perhaps a graduate of Hogwarts), wearing a T-shirt with machetes silkscreened onto it, wielding two blood-stained machetes, and about to hack something with one of them, with the U.S. Capitol in flames in the background. It reads "Yesterday he was a decent man living a decent life. Now he is a brutal savage who must slaughter to stay alive."

Alan Greenspan would call it "a balanced fiscal policy." Al Gore would call it "carbon reduction."

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Financial markets" admit that LaRouche was right about Euro-bailout

After a nearly $1 trillion rescue package meant to end Europe’s debt crisis once and for all, financial markets took a second look Friday and began to worry about how the plan would actually work and the implications of the drastic austerity measures for the fragile European economies.

A second look? No! The "markets" (oligarchical mouthpieces) were wrong (i.e. lying) and LaRouche was right. Stop listening to these snake-oil sales-snakes and follow LaRouche's proven trustworthy advice.

Beyond hypocrisy

"By moving explicitly to block the introduction of the Cantwell-McCain amendment," LaRouche warned, "the White House is going for dictatorship."

I can't add anything to that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You were expecting the British to pitch in?

May 10, 2010 (LPAC)—The British government and its puppet, Barack Obama, have pushed EU finance ministers and heads of state into new, huge panic bailouts "for the euro" — IN WHICH HER MAJESTY'S UK GOVERNMENT ITSELF DOES NOT INTEND TO TAKE PART. [emphasis added]

In case you were wondering who's running the show.

Slick Obama, out of the spotlight, working on super-TARP (revised)

While the public announcements of the deal focused on the role of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, sources confirmed that the key to the whole deal was the committment of the U.S. Federal Reserve to pump an unlimited supply of U.S. Dollars into the bailout.

The claim that they're trying to save the banks is clearly bogus, considering that this amounts to a blood-sucking tax increase that dwarfs anthing the Republicans typically complain about, and it will destroy the economy and the banks. So, the real purpose is to destroy the economy, and Obama and his economic advisors know it. Only the LaRouche Plan will save the economy and the beneficial banks.

Article added to Campaigner Unbound website

Why Charles Beard Lied: Britain's War on the Constitution has been added to The Campaigner Unbound website.

Obama warms up for commencement speech with a monstrous lie

President Obama had just flown into Hampton, Va., Sunday morning to deliver a commencement address. But before he donned his silky academic robes, he was on the phone with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, offering urgent advice — and some not so subtle prodding — that Europe needed to try something big.
“He was trying to convey that he knew these were politically difficult steps that the leaders there had to take, that he had gone through them as well,” said one senior administration official familiar with the conversation. “And that, from his experience, trying to get out ahead as much as possible was the right way to go.”
So education is what has always allowed us to meet the challenges of a changing world. And Hampton, that has never been more true than it is today. This class is graduating at a time of great difficulty for America and for the world. You’re entering a job market, in an era of heightened international competition, with an economy that’s still rebounding from the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

"Trying to get out ahead as much as possible?" So, when will he start rounding up his critics and sending them to Guantanamo as "enemy combatants?"

As for the Times, it can't be blamed for doing its job, and serving as a bordello for fascist bankers' disinformation agents. We can dismiss its lies, but we can't just dismiss the President. Oh, wait a minute: we can - it's called IMPEACHMENT.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

How long before Faisal Shahzad's FBI connections come out?

The newspaper said US officials believe the Pakistani-born Mr Shahzad's family background may help explain why he grew radicalised AND ALLEGEDLY CONTACTED THE PAKISTANI TALIBAN ON THE INTERNET. [emphasis added]

Maybe if the NSA weren't so busy sniffing our dirty underwear with their various popular operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, etc.), they'd have time to monitor the communications of "key militants." This is just one of the inconsistencies of their story which point to another operation designed partly to convince us that the fantasy of "Islamic terrorism" is a reality, and that there's a good reason for our military to be sitting on the other side of the planet as the global economy disintegrates, with Congress' blessing, and where they would be sitting ducks if "Israel" unleashes Armageddon to fulfill Fundy fantasies of a global bloodbath (but without the rest of the fantasy, which was just a means of getting them to help unleash an actual bloodbath).

Friday, May 7, 2010

Volcker shows his true colors, again

NEW YORK, May 6 (Reuters) - Paul Volcker, an adviser to President Barack Obama, warned in a letter to key Senators this week that audits of Federal Reserve policy would threaten its independence.

Paul A. Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman, has voiced some concerns about Senator Blanche Lincoln’s proposal to regulate the derivatives market much more tightly, saying that he is not in favor of forcing banks to spin off their derivatives operations.

In October 1979, under the Administration of Jimmy Carter, then-Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker instituted a policy that he explicitly called "THE CONTROLLED DISINTEGRATION OF THE ECONOMY," as an extreme variant of the post-industrial society. Volcker began forcing upward the prime interest rate charged by commercial banks, so that by November 1980, the prime rate had reached 21.5%. Interest rates were held at double-digit rates for five years, through the end of 1984. As a result, in the period 1980-84, this killed off a layer of the U.S. manufacturing base, causing companies to shut down partially or completely. A surge of imports began, in order to replace the manufacturing capacity America had lost.

So, it seems that Volcker was saying some sane things a while back in an attempt to recover some credibility, in order to be better positioned to screw us.

Elections: another opportunity for SRA

The Electoral Commission was inundated with phone calls on Friday from angry people who were unable to vote in the general election when polling stations in a number of cities were swamped with a late surge of voters.

The lame excuses (such as that there weren't enough ballots) being fed to the British public for the chaos at the polls yesterday have me smelling SRA. There are other signs that the election process is being run by organized Satanism; after all, it's those who COUNT the votes, not those who cast the votes, who control elections. Those seemingly pointless "I voted" stickers given out at polling places are another clue: "I voted" just happens to convert to 9 66, i.e. 666.

Similarly, those who decide the reasons for creating credit out of thin air (currently the Bank of England's outpost known as the Fed) control the economy. It just recently issued something like $20 trillion for banker's gambling IOUs, and this money, which contributed some scraps of paper with some printing on them to the economy, will now dilute the rest of the dollars in existence, with no corresponding increase in real wealth (stuff we need, like power, transportation, and heavy industry) in the economy. Don't bet on the bankers using their money to build any nuclear power plants or maglev rail systems - after all, they're the ones who think there are too many peasants. Chances are they'll spend it on prostitutes, including Congress. Not only that, but if they keep trying to bail out all of the derivatives, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Website addition

I've added Ye Olden Con to the website associated with this blog.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Times Square dud: Distraction from Obama's Slick?

For a while, I figured that the fact that the suspect in this case made it past airport security was evidence that it wasn't set up by the FBI, but now I suspect that he was let through precisely to "prove" that it wasn't such a setup.

Note that it also tended to increase pressure on world leaders convened in NYC at the time to take action against Iran, and that there was possibly a subliminal connection to this season of 24, which featured the near-detonation of a dirty bomb by Iranian hardliners in the same general area.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Website revisions

The following revisions have been made to the website associated with this blog:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Afghanis in Beast-men finishing school

Private Afghan security guards protecting NATO supply convoys in southern Kandahar province regularly fire wildly into villages they pass, hindering coalition efforts to build local support ahead of this summer's planned offensive in the area, U.S. and Afghan officials say.

Of the many potential purposes for these war-crimes, one is undoubtedly Satanism/SRA, whether or not the "reckless soldiers" realize it. Probably not coincidentally, the area where this is happening, Kandahar Province, is well situated to facilitate Satan's body-snatching agenda ("wizard training"), as can be seen from the included (compressed) screen-grab (grabbed with MB Screen Cutter) from the amazing Google Earth with the Earth Grid overlay available at Basic Instructions for Exploring the UVG Grid with Google Earth.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why is GM manufacturing "good economic news?"

After posting the previous entry, it occurred to me that fabricating "evidence" of a recovery is Obama's inadvertent admission that there is no good evidence.

Government Motor's main product: Obama poll ratings

GM's payment was indeed no accident. The money GM used to repay the TARP loan came from... another TARP account managed by Timothy Geithner's Treasury Department!

Typical of Obama, the White House is simply lying.

Perhaps a better title would have been "Obama's big lie du jour." I'm beginning to wonder if he's a psychopath who enjoys telling big lies for the sense of superiority it gives him. I should also point out that that Satanic possession imparts a compulsion to lie, along with a compulsion to kill and destroy.