Friday, May 7, 2010

Elections: another opportunity for SRA

The Electoral Commission was inundated with phone calls on Friday from angry people who were unable to vote in the general election when polling stations in a number of cities were swamped with a late surge of voters.

The lame excuses (such as that there weren't enough ballots) being fed to the British public for the chaos at the polls yesterday have me smelling SRA. There are other signs that the election process is being run by organized Satanism; after all, it's those who COUNT the votes, not those who cast the votes, who control elections. Those seemingly pointless "I voted" stickers given out at polling places are another clue: "I voted" just happens to convert to 9 66, i.e. 666.

Similarly, those who decide the reasons for creating credit out of thin air (currently the Bank of England's outpost known as the Fed) control the economy. It just recently issued something like $20 trillion for banker's gambling IOUs, and this money, which contributed some scraps of paper with some printing on them to the economy, will now dilute the rest of the dollars in existence, with no corresponding increase in real wealth (stuff we need, like power, transportation, and heavy industry) in the economy. Don't bet on the bankers using their money to build any nuclear power plants or maglev rail systems - after all, they're the ones who think there are too many peasants. Chances are they'll spend it on prostitutes, including Congress. Not only that, but if they keep trying to bail out all of the derivatives, you ain't seen nothing yet.