Sunday, May 16, 2010

Give the DoD the capability to fight undersea oil leaks

BP CEO Tony Hayward raised eyebrows last week when he said his company's broken oil well was releasing a relatively "tiny" amount of oil and dispersant into the vast volume of water that is the Gulf of Mexico.

That comment stands in stark contrast to reports over the weekend that scientists have discovered giant oil plumes under the waters of the gulf. Scientists are worried about what the potential impact of so much oil, and the chemical dispersant being used to keep it from coming ashore, on marine life. Much of that life is unseen and not well understood.

Scientists are speculating that the plumes, one that's at least 10 miles long under the surface, could account for the differences between the official estimates of how many barrels of oil are pumping into the gulf, with Coast Guard and BP using the figure of about 5,000 barrels and some scientists saying the flow could be 10 times that or more.

Let this catastrophe be a warning for us to give the DoD whatever they need to devise means of quickly stopping such leaks in the future. If the British Foreign Office can regard Glass-Steagall as a hostile act toward them, then this “inadvertent” undersea oil gusher could be viewed as an act of war on the US by the British Empire, as is their economic policy known as "free trade" (i.e. abandonment of the population to the whims of the Empire) which produced this disaster.

But this assumes that there will be any civilization left after a few more months of leaving British Agent Uh-oh Obama in the Oval Office.