Sunday, May 9, 2010

How long before Faisal Shahzad's FBI connections come out?

The newspaper said US officials believe the Pakistani-born Mr Shahzad's family background may help explain why he grew radicalised AND ALLEGEDLY CONTACTED THE PAKISTANI TALIBAN ON THE INTERNET. [emphasis added]

Maybe if the NSA weren't so busy sniffing our dirty underwear with their various popular operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, etc.), they'd have time to monitor the communications of "key militants." This is just one of the inconsistencies of their story which point to another operation designed partly to convince us that the fantasy of "Islamic terrorism" is a reality, and that there's a good reason for our military to be sitting on the other side of the planet as the global economy disintegrates, with Congress' blessing, and where they would be sitting ducks if "Israel" unleashes Armageddon to fulfill Fundy fantasies of a global bloodbath (but without the rest of the fantasy, which was just a means of getting them to help unleash an actual bloodbath).