Sunday, May 30, 2010

NY Times admits: Obama planning to make things as bad as possible in the Gulf

After the failure of an effort to seal off a well spewing oil one mile beneath the Gulf of Mexico, a top Obama administration environmental official said the government is “prepared for the worst” in case new attempts do not succeed in fully containing the gusher until relief wells are finished sometime in August.

This would explain why, according to the May 30th LaRouche Show, the Obama administration has done nothing to process the early May request from state officials to create sand berms offshore to protect the shore, or taken any of many other potential measures to mitigate the environmental/economic catastrophe taking shape as Obama waxes eloquent about some massive fantasy-response for which there is no evidence in the physical world. (If there were any real evidence, why would he and his buddies at BP have staged a "Potemkin Village" just in time for Obama's visit?) He just can't lie enough - it's time to throw a net over him and lock him in a padded cell, and let some real Americans take over.