Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama warms up for commencement speech with a monstrous lie

President Obama had just flown into Hampton, Va., Sunday morning to deliver a commencement address. But before he donned his silky academic robes, he was on the phone with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, offering urgent advice — and some not so subtle prodding — that Europe needed to try something big.
“He was trying to convey that he knew these were politically difficult steps that the leaders there had to take, that he had gone through them as well,” said one senior administration official familiar with the conversation. “And that, from his experience, trying to get out ahead as much as possible was the right way to go.”
So education is what has always allowed us to meet the challenges of a changing world. And Hampton, that has never been more true than it is today. This class is graduating at a time of great difficulty for America and for the world. You’re entering a job market, in an era of heightened international competition, with an economy that’s still rebounding from the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

"Trying to get out ahead as much as possible?" So, when will he start rounding up his critics and sending them to Guantanamo as "enemy combatants?"

As for the Times, it can't be blamed for doing its job, and serving as a bordello for fascist bankers' disinformation agents. We can dismiss its lies, but we can't just dismiss the President. Oh, wait a minute: we can - it's called IMPEACHMENT.