Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama's environmental reform

WASHINGTON – Days after the Gulf Coast oil spill, the Obama administration pledged to keep its "boot on the throat" of BP to make sure the company did all it could to cap the gushing leak and clean up the spill. But a month after the April 20 explosion, anger is growing about why BP PLC is still in charge of the response.

Until you admit that Obama is a craven British puppet, you'll never understand him. He also promised to get tough on the (British) bankers who destroyed the economy, but according to reports, his puppet Harry Reid and his fellow traitor Senator Dud (as his last great act of service to the British Empire), have given us just the opposite: unlimited executive bailout authority, although we can politely ask Satan's bankers not to kill us until we're blue in the face.

Based on 60 Minutes' report on how the mile-deep gusher started, it has signs of having been deliberate, and those responsible should lose everything, including their freedom, but they won't, because it's their plantation and Obama's their Uncle Tom. Was BP's plan to let it go on as long as possible by stringing us along with promises of stopping it? Is Obama deliberately preventing the US government from taking warfare-scale measures to do something besides destroy civilization? Is this another front in British Agent Obama's war on the United States?