Friday, May 28, 2010

Ripper case: "Misfit" at interesting angle; mystery of 15 solved?

In the course of plotting the significant "non-canonical" murders, I plotted the location where Rose Mylett's body was found, and later deleted the marker (it was 8, which as you can tell is missing from the bottom map on The Ripper's Pentagram page), because it didn't seem to fit into the pattern with the rest. Besides, she wasn't slashed or stabbed, but strangled, according to the first post mortem, which was performed by a surgeon, and which stated that there were definite signs of a cord around her neck, and signs that she had tried to pull the cord away from her neck.

However, after recognizing that angles are a significant part of the pattern, and finding that the bearing between St. Paul's and marker 9 is almost exactly 15 degrees above the east-west axis, it occurred to me that the significance of Rose Mylett's murder might lie in the bearing relative to St. Paul's, which is actually a covert temple of Ishtar. ("Saint Paul's" just happens to convert to all sorts of combinations of 6 and 9, perhaps explaining the choice of names.)

Rose Mylett's murder took place in "Clarke's Yard," shown on the above map, derived from a map in a Jack the Ripper Casebook forum . (By the way, on a hunch, I converted "Clarke's" to its numerical equivalent, and got 69.) I didn't find any reports on exactly where in the yard the body was found, so I assumed somewhere in the middle for starters. When I calculated the bearing from St. Paul's to this point, I got about 95.84 degrees, and concluded that it was intended to occur at precisely 96 degrees (6 degrees below the east-west axis), which is the case toward the back of the yard, which is actually a more likely spot for a murder, and is where I placed a square dot on the map (at approximately 51.508342,-0.013701).

Another interesting aspect of this murder is that it took place on 12/20/1888, almost precisely on the winter solstice, and just a day or two past the full Moon. It's also "numerologically correct," because the digits add up to 30 (12/20/1888>3/2/25>30).

If the "15" implied by the pattern's 15 degree angle (above the east-west axis) is numerologically converted to 6, and combined with the bearing of Rose Mylett's murder (96), the result, when the 9 in 96 is rotated, is 666.

The sunrise dates which correspond to this angle are 3/5/1888 and 10/8/1888, which are interesting in that 3+5=8 and 10+8=18. Other than that, I couldn't find anything of significance about them.

The mystery of 15 solved?

In earlier posts, I concluded that the main significance of the 15 degree angle in the pattern is that 15 converts to 6, and I still believe that this one of its intended meanings. However, it occurred to me that Zecharia Sitchin discovered that each of the 12 major astronaut-gods was assigned a rank between 5 and 60, with increments of 5. 60 was assigned to Anu, and 15 was assigned to none other than Inanna, a.k.a. Ishtar.