Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another $450K from LA taxpayers for Satanism and terror

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved legal payouts totaling $450,000 to five journalists caught up in a confrontation at a MacArthur Park May Day demonstration in 2007 during which police fired rubber bullets and swung batons at a crowd.

The Los Angeles Police Department officers were caught on videotape as they wielded batons and fired less-than-lethal rubberized bullets in an attempt to disperse the mostly peaceful crowd after a small group of agitators confronted police. Dozens of protesters and journalists were injured as officers cleared the park.

This amounts to taxpayer funding for Satanism, which is what the "May Day Melee" was. A small group of Satanists, similar to the an Anarchist black bloc, provided the police with a pretext to launch into a preordained SRA-spree. None of the "cult cops" were held responsible:
Police who roughed-up and injured people in the so called "May Day Melee" in MacArthur Park in 2007 might have caused the city to pay out nearly $13 million in settlements but they didn't commit any crimes, the county district attorney announced today.

"Although the officers involved might have used questionable tactics, our investigation determined there is insufficient evidence to initiate criminal proceedings against the officers," said D.A. spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons.

I would point out some of the many interesting numerical combinations woven into this situation, but two will have to suffice: $450K converts to 9/11 (4+5; K=11th letter), and the date of the announcement - 6/9. It's another case of Satanists waving SRA under our noses and daring us to recognize it for what it is, and of course charging us for their crimes, as is the case in the "war on terror."