Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another couple of potentially-intended Ripper patterns

I've been searching for more patterns in the lines connecting the locations of the significant Ripper locations, and there are a couple that seem plausible, although I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel and I might be reading more into it than was intended. That's not to say that it's not possible to find more, but just that I haven't found any other significant ones on which I can hang my hat, and I'm getting sick of trying.

One of the seemingly plausible patterns is the "A for Ahriman" which I already declared, although in a slightly different form because the end of the left leg has been relocated significantly inward. The bottom of its left leg is at the Coles/Chamber Street location, the vertex is at the Kelly/Dorset Street location, and the bottom of the right leg is at the Stride/Henriques Street location. Each leg has a quasi-triple alignment, as if to indicate that this pattern was intended. Furthermore, Whitechapel Road serves quite well as the cross-bar.

The other plausible pattern is an "11" formed by the Pinchin-Tabram-Christ Church line and the Stride/Henriques-Chapman/Hanbury line. The existence of the first of these is based on the assumption that the Pinchin-Tabram line was intended to be extended to the Christ Church steeple. But considering how closely these locations line up, the fact that the steeple is such a prominent landmark, and that Christ Church sits like a crown atop the Ripper's pentagram (perhaps intended to symbolize the intended future relationship between "Christian" fundamentalism and the incarnated Satan), it seems to have sufficient "resonance" to have been implied.