Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another perspective on the Ripper's symbolism

Something I've been meaning to clarify about the significance of the "Ripper's" symbolism is that in my opinion, it succinctly expresses the intent of the British Empire, centered upon the ancient Babylonian priesthood of Marduk and Ishtar and its black magicians, toward mankind. Note that the two key alignments - the one at precisely zero degrees (i.e. along the east-west axis) and the one at precisely 15 (the number of Ishtar) degrees, which intersect at St. Paul's Cathedral (a covert temple of Ishtar) in the "heart" of the City of London, seem to amount to a confession by Ishtar's priesthood (a.k.a. the Cult of Isis) that it was behind the Ripper operation. Although there is no way to prove this simply and directly, the circumstantial evidence contained in my Ripper-related essays ("background" and "operational") is strong. Its agents, many of whom wore police uniforms and some of whom were up to their eyeballs in "Apocalypse"-related activities, were all over the situation.

But consider the symbolism in the abject butchery perpetrated upon the bodies of some of the victims. As I've written previously, it seems to express the ultimate goal of the forces of evil, which as Orwell put it in 1984, is the "obliteration of the self" - the eternal annihilation of the "soul-configuration" which God intended for our evolution. We know that Satan and Lucifer are typically losers, but that doesn't relieve us of the responsibility of resisting their attempts to destroy the human soul. If we let them, they will.