Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ben Jonson Road's bearings

I decided to determine the precise bearings of Ben Johnson Road relative to St. Paul Cathedral's dome, which required me to locate its ends (of the straight section, that is), which I did by zooming in on it in Google Maps, placing the cursor on the suspected ends, right-clicking, and selecting "What's Here?" in the drop-down menu that appeared. I determined that the west end of Ben Jonson Road is at the intersection of Stepney Green and Stepney High Street, the coordinates of which are 51.517768, -0.098244 and the bearing of which is 83°33′25", i.e. 6.443056 degrees above the east-west axis. The other end of the straight section is at Ben Jonson & Carr, the coordinates of which are 51.518284,-0.036135 and the bearing of which is 083°28′15″, i.e. 6.529167 degrees. So, the bearing of the west end is the closest to the bearing of what I concluded is the location where Alice McKenzie's body was discovered - a mere 0.05 degrees off. Old Castle Street is about 5600 feet from St. Paul's dome, so this angle error could be the result of a 5 foot error in my coordinates for McKenzie's murder site (making the true site somewhere between my current location and the previous one, which was based on my interpretation of the Guilford Ghost's video). The corresponding angle, 6.44, also constitutes a significant combination of "occult" numbers, and this might be why Ben Jonson Road begins where it does. The closest date with this sunrise-angle is still 9/6/88. Combined with the "alchemist" hint for the Golden Dawn, I think there's sufficient evidence that my current coordinates for Alice McKenzie could use a little tweak, but I'm not going to change it to fit a theory. Besides, it's close enough to assume than an alignment was intended.

It might be interesting to take a look at Jonson's play "The Alchemist." (By the way, alchemy is a fraud, as is most of what's fed to the outer circles of British "occult" groups by the Satanists at their core.)