Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book verifies previously-assumed McKenzie location; tweaked coordinates

Additional searching for an accurate fix on the McKenzie location turned up a map in Jack the Ripper: an encyclopedia (click on link, scroll down a little), which interestingly omits the necessary frame of reference to translate the location to the present. Well, I found the location on the Ordinance Survey map of the area from about that time (map thumbnail/link contained in Wikipedia article on the Ripper ), created my own map with a frame of reference (major streets which still exist), and put a red dot where McKenzie's body was found, according to the Ripper encyclopedia. From that, I determined that the previously-assumed location based on a Youtube video and a photo is very close to the true location. Because of the perspective of Google's aerial photo of the spot, it's behind a building, so I took a guess and checked it in map-mode, which puts it in at about the right distance from the street. I'll go with 51.515622,-0.073444, and I doubt that having the exact coordinates to within a foot would make much difference.