Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP rewards Cheney by hiring his personal ass-coverer

As I assumed in an earlier post, none other than that Beast-man, Raging Dick, is partly responsible for the epic, ongoing contamination of the Gulf of Mexico and perhaps eventually the east coast of the US. As with starting the "war on terror," Cheney was the point-man for killing oil-industry regulations which would have prevented the Gulf catastrophe. Meanwhile, his "cakewalk" continues to rage, seven years later, as intended from the start. (It's just a case of the longest last throes in history.) If BP's relief wells don't work, the gusher in the Gulf could end up gushing for years. He has served his master Tony "Damien Thorn" Blair very well.

So, who should turn up as BP's chief BS-gusher in response to the public outrage over what I suspect was a deliberately-created catastrophe (planned, perhaps along with 9/11, back when Cheney's energy task force met in secret) just as the global economy emits its death-rattle and the US no longer serves any use to the British Empire?:

British Petroleum’s brand is suffering as much as its stock price, both sinking as fast as oil from its ruptured well pipes is rising in the Gulf of Mexico. The corporation has moved to stem the bleeding by hiring public relations specialist Anne Womack-Kolton, an expert in “high stakes communications surrounding public affairs issues and political risk management,” according to her Brunswick Group profile. Kolton was director of public affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy. She was also Dick Cheney’s press secretary.

That's right - Cheney's former press secretary. You can bet she will ensure that his role in this disaster is never mentioned in the "real" media which creates the virtual reality upon which Congress bases its actions, and that most people will never learn that he is but a subsidiary monster to the British Empire, and impeach their current Puppet-in-Chief.