Friday, June 18, 2010

Browner spills some of the beans

Over the past five days, top Obama officials have made a point of dismissing even considering explosives. "We are against blowing up the Gulf of Mexico," declared Carol Browner to MSNBC last week; she is Obama's energy and climate change czar. Admiral Thad Allen, head of the U.S. Unified Command, on the eve of Obama's June 4 trip to Louisiana, said that considerations of explosives are "peripheral to things we ought to be talking about right now." Translated, this means peripheral to what BP wants to do.

"We are against blowing up the Gulf of Mexico?" Is this the best she can do - use an empty phrase to equate a solution to the crisis to the utter destruction of the Gulf? Someone who uses such vapid excuses for not using a proven solution should be run out of Washington on a rail. If she had a good reason for dismissing the use of a nuclear explosive, she would have used it.

Wondering what sort of person could dismiss a proven solution to this catastrophe, I searched EIR for the keyword Browner, and it didn't take long to find her true motive:

May 7—EIR has uncovered a major conflict of interest scandal in the Obama Administration, featuring circles around former Vice President Al Gore, in imposing the genocidal “cap-and-trade” ponzi scheme, just as the U.S. economic-financial system is in complete breakdown.

In January, long-time Gore lieutenant, Carol Browner, took over the newly created office of Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Policy. She is on a rampage to force Congress to adopt cap-and-trade legislation. Before joining the Obama Administration, Browner was one of the leading lobbyists for cap-and-trade legislation, and earned millions of dollars in fees from the high-powered D.C. lobbying firm Downey McGrath Group. Browner’s husband, former Congressman Tom Downey (D-N.Y.), co-founded the company with former Rep. Ray McGrath (R-N.Y.); the firm represents cap-and-trade outfits that stand to make tens of billions of dollars the moment such legislation is secured.

I can only conclude that "global warming" czar Browner doesn't want to put an end to her latest excuse (which has replaced the discredited lie of "global warming") for imposing economy-destroying carbon-dioxide restrictions. She actually does want to "blow up" the Gulf, out of sheer greed and undoubtedly to serve the British Empire, of which Prince Philip's buddy Al Gore is a key agent. So, she’s a natural for the cabinet of a pathological liar hell bent on destroying the country.

This is yet more evidence that the disaster was deliberate.