Friday, June 25, 2010

Confirmed: Gitmo is part lab

WASHINGTON — A prominent physicians group is charging that medical personnel were used to test and refine the effectiveness of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques for terror detainees in U.S. custody under the guise of safeguarding their health.
The report also raised questions about the Obama administration's new high-value detainee investigation group, known as the HIG. Part of its role is to research new methods of interrogation. The physicians group demanded clarification, asking whether this meant learning by doing.

Wendy Morigi, spokeswoman for the national intelligence director, said this part of the HIG would look at "scientific research that would allow for a refinement of CURRENT BEST PRACTICES" and was "in no way was suggesting research on the detainees themselves." [emphasis added to the big lie]

Nowhere is all of this latest controversy is motive addressed. Time and time again we hear on the one hand that "enhanced interrogation" is worse than useless for its ostensible purpose, and on the other hand, mere assertions that it's effective at providing useful, timely information. (This point can't be lost on the doctors who are helping to refine "torture lite" - they must know they're enabling a purely evil activity by allowing its proponents to claim that it's safe.) If it were so effective, wouldn't we have found Bin Laden or his remains by now, or won the war (assuming that winning the peace was ever an objective). The fact that it continues to be used all these years later is prima facie evidence that it IS working for its actual purpose, which is partly SRA, partly the 8th Sphere agenda, and partly the fabrication of "confessions" which support the lie that there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism. (The "confession" of Faisal Shahzad, the so-called Times Square Bomber, reeks of coercion. I wonder if he offered to "confess" to killing Marilyn Monroe.) The legend of Baphomet, which Crowley adopted as one of his persona, is based on the hideous "interrogation" of the Templars by Philip the Fair's demonic thugs. It's a lie stitched together from the incoherent utterances obtained from people tortured out of their minds to get "the truth," which might be what Crowley found so attractive about it.

PHR studiously avoids the question of motive, so that the effect of their reports is to wave Satanism under our noses and dare us to recognize it. Sure, they call it a war crime and recommend investigation by the same government which started a war specifically for purposes of Satan, but they studiously avoid the question of a purely evil motive, and possibly intend to conceal it, by accepting the lie that its advocates truly believe it to be an effective interrogation method.