Sunday, June 20, 2010

Date of McKenzie murder suggests link to Wilson attack

In trying to make sense of the date of Alice McKenzie's murder, I considered the usual suspects, such as the phase of the Moon and numerical combinations in the date (7/16/1889). There might be some significance to the fact that 7+16=23, which converts to 11 and .666 ... through a series of arithmetic operations, but what I found most interesting is that on that date, the sun rose at 21.34 degrees. Using MB-ruler, which is very accurate although I use calculations to check it, I ran a line at this angle through the site of McKenzie's murder, and found that it pointed essentially right down Whitechapel Road/Mile End Road, to within 1.4 degrees of the bearing of the site of Ada Wilson's attack, which is at 19.9 degrees, and which occurred on March 28th, 1888. Perhaps McKenzie's killer was trying to tell us that there was a link between the two incidents - perhaps that Ada Wilson was just a "warm up," or that he was required to murder McKenzie because he botched the attack on Ada Wilson.