Friday, June 11, 2010

Feds admit by inaction that they're the terrorists

The most important overlooked story of the past few weeks was overlooked because it was not surprising. Also because no one really wants to notice it. The weight of 9/11 and all its implications is so much on our minds that it's never on our mind.

I speak of the report from the inspector general of the Justice Department, issued in late May, saying the department is not prepared to ensure public safety in the days or weeks after a terrorist attack in which nuclear, biological or chemical weapons are used.

This is just another admission that the "war on terror" is an utter hoax, and that there are no terrorists of significance that the Establishment doesn't control. (Note that the FBI is protecting the guy who sent out the anthrax on 9/11, partly by persecuting someone they knew to be innocent. I noted signs of SRA in the persecution.) 9/11 was merely the first attack in their reign of terror, designed to provide a pretext to conduct a reign of terror in the "Apocalypse" zone. When it serves their purposes to launch another attack on the U.S., they'll do it. Since it wouldn't serve their purposes for us to be prepared, we aren't. The people who serve some use to the Establishment will be warned in time to get out of the way.