Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Found more symmetrical "A" in JTR pattern, might explain Tabram

While trying to find every possible meaning woven into the Ripper-coven's code, it occurred to me that I wasn't entirely satisfied with the "A" which I claimed (in a previous entry) to have found, because its supposed left leg depends primarily upon the calculated midpoint between the Dorset and Hanbury locations.

On a hunch that there might be another "A" hidden in the pattern, and because the Coles, Pinchin and Henriques locations seemed to be likely candidates for endpoints of the legs, I started exploring this possibility. It didn't take long to find another "A" which seems more likely to have been intended, and which includes an alignment which might explain the Tabram location (very near right leg above the cross-bar). Previously, the best I could do to explain the Tabram location was to observe that this alignment has a bearing of almost precisely 310 degrees, which isn't much.

So, the "A" I now propose as a replacement for my previous version (which contains a salvageable triple alignment with a bearing of 330 degrees) is formed by assuming that Dorset is the vertex, and that Coles and Henriques define the legs. The Tabram location is so close to the right leg that I assume it was intentional, and the cross-bar is neatly provided by Whitechapel High Street, or the line between the Mitre Square and Durward Street locations. The resulting "A" is also much more "natural" than the previous version, and the overall symmetry is evidence that it was intended.

This doesn't mean that the other "A" wasn't intended. There are some amazing "coincidences" in the pattern, such as how the McKenzie location and the center of the pentagram seem to emphasize the "A's" cross-bar. It's also possible that the left leg of this earlier "A" was intended to be defined by the Coles and McKenzie locations, which would require less reliance on calculated points. However the vertex would not end up at the vertex of what appears to be another "A" formed by roads, going off to the right (see map in June 4th posting).