Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Further confirmation on location of Maidman Street

Since there was only one "maplet" of Maidman Street on the internet, I decided to search for maps of London from the time of the Ripper-coven's rampage, and I found an excellent collection of old maps of London on Mapco's London and Environs Maps and Views page. Since street names in London at the time apparently changed every couple of years, I chose Kelly's Post Office Directory Map Of London 1886 and hit pay dirt. The above excerpt from the map confirms the location of Maidman depicted in the earlier map, although the maps are apparently a couple of years apart because the modern Eric Street is shown as Wentworth on the Post Office Directory map.

The following excerpt from an article from the Saturday, 31 March 1888 issue of The Eastern Post & City Chronicle supports my assumption that the attack on Ada Wilson took place near Burdett Road:

EXTRAORDINARY OUTRAGE AT BOW [a "suburb" of London, and/or an extension of Mile End Road].

It is alleged that on Wednesday morning, just after midnight, a desperate attempt to murder a young dressmaker, named Ada Wilson, was made at Bow. The scene of the attempt is No. 19, Maidman Street, Burdett Road, a thoroughfare lying just on the south side of the Bow Road.