Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Green," "no nuke" mania: major contributor to Gulf disaster

A 10- to 15-kiloton nuclear device would be placed within 20 to 30 feet of the well bore, at a depth below 6,000 feet, where no danger of wave formation from deformation of the sea floor could occur. The explosion would produce a shock wave that would push rock horizontally against the well bore, sealing it shut. That would close the hole, well below the probable cracks that may exist in the upper 1,200-foot layer of mud and soft rock. In a worst-case scenario in which the well failed to seal, the minimal amount of radioactive material that might escape up the well would be so diluted upon mixing with seawater as to render it harmless. Smaller nuclear devices, carried by projectiles of a classified nature WHICH COULD BE INJECTED DIRECTLY DOWN THE WELL BORE, are also possible. [emphasis added]

In other words, the Gulf gusher could have been sealed within a couple of days after the blowout. But because of the irrational fear of anything nuclear (at best), this option isn't even being seriously considered by our government at this stage, when it should have been the first choice after the blowout preventer failed.

But then, as I suspect, this was probably no accident. The timing was just too convenient, and there were too many "mistakes." The simple fact that the proven nuclear option is not being considered is prima facie evidence that Obama wants the gusher to wreak havoc beyond what anyone can repair. He's in the way of a solution to this crisis as well as the economic crisis, and has to be gotten out of the way, by Congress, who had better act soon if they want a convenient place to sail their yachts.