Saturday, June 12, 2010

May Day Melee: Were some of the "cops" actually not cops?

It just occurred to me that some, or many, of the supposed police officers involved in the notorious "May Day Melee" (an SRA-spree for which L.A. taxpayers were just billed another $450K) might not even have been members of the police force. I wouldn't put it past organized Satanism to have the capability to insinuate its members into a any situation which presents an opportunity for intermediate-to-advanced SRA, even if they have to pose, for example, as soldiers, mercenaries, CIA agents, or police. (In fact, i think I've previously mentioned that the "CIA agents" conducting "enhanced interrogation" could be anyone flown in for the occasion, and provided with all the necessary clearances, by Satanists on the CIA payroll - who else would know?) The fact that there was apparently no investigation of the supposed cops responsible for the assaults on nonviolent protesters during the May Day Melee can be construed as evidence that they weren't cops, which obviously would have to be kept secret to conceal the nature of the event.