Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meanwhile, in the physical world ...

Billy Nungesser, President of Placquemines Parish, Louisiana, ridiculed the wait-and-stall mode of BP/Unified Command, by saying that his people went out and bought WetVacs (the ShopVac-brand heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, for fluid refuse). They put them on boats; they suck up oil fine. Why can't the government do something! Nungesser told Congress last week, that Port-a-Potty vaccuum machines also work fine. He said on CNN last night, that BP has agreed to pay for 32 WetVacs. Where is the government? How can you call this a clean-up?

Obama's going to have to appear frequently on TV to keep us in our hypnotic trances, because reality keeps intruding into the virtual reality which he makes out lofty-sounding empty rhetoric, designed to maintain his poll numbers and power to continue his war on his supposed country.