Sunday, June 20, 2010

Military's top secret: Satanism

"we had a pretty gung-ho commander, who decided that because we were getting hit by IEDs a lot, there would be a new battalion SOP [standard operating procedure].He goes, "If someone in your line gets hit with an IED, 360 rotational fire. You kill every [expletive] on the street." Myself and Josh and a lot of other soldiers were just sitting there looking at each other like, "Are you kidding me? You want us to kill women and children on the street?" And you couldn't just disobey orders to shoot, because they could just make your life hell in Iraq. So like with myself, I would shoot up into the roof of a building instead of down on the ground toward civilians. But I've seen it many times, where people are just walking down the street and an IED goes off and the troops open fire and kill them."
According to Wired, federal officials have arrested 22-year-old SPC Bradley Manning, an intelligence analyst with the US Army, for allegedly leaking the "Collateral Murder" Wikileaks video. The controversial video, released in April 2010, shows a 2007 Apache helicopter attack that left several noncombatants dead, including two Reuters employees and three civilians.
Wired reports:

Manning told Lamo that he enlisted in the Army in 2007 and held a Top Secret/SCI clearance, details confirmed by his friends and family members. He claimed to have been rummaging through classified military and government networks for more than a year and said that the networks contained "incredible things, awful things ... that belonged in the public domain, and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington DC.

In other words, the Satanists running the "war on terror" behind a smokescreen of disinformation are punishing subordinates who either expose war crimes or won't commit war crimes, which are partly intended as a form of SRA, and partly intended to fan the flames of a war which is intended to destroy civilization, which is what our government's British masters (who run actual global terrorism) consider to be terrifying. The objective is to keep the "war" going, and to wait for the right time to unleash chaos in Iran, and a world war. If you want to defeat actual terrorism, the hill to take is Capitol Hill, and the objective is to round up all the Satanism-enablers and imperial boot-lickers such as Joe Barton, Fannie Frank, and Nancy Pelosi, replace them with Americans, and stop this damned "war." If you think it's doing any good, just look at Iraq.