Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Google-based map of Ripper locations, now public

In case anyone can use it, I decided to make my map entitled "Jack the Ripper - significant locations" available to the public. The advantage of this map is that it allows zooming-in on each location to examine its precise placement, and then to zoom out to look for patterns. However, Google Earth is better for this purpose because it allows lines to be drawn precisely between points by zooming in and clicking on them. It also allows the points and lines you've saved to be displayed or hidden as needed to produce the desired display.

Some of the coordinates listed in the list to the left of the map are different than my previously-published coordinates, but the worst case difference amounts to about ten feet, and the differences don't have any significant effect on my conclusions about the significance of the Golden Dawn's "Ripper" project. I might make further refinements, but again, I doubt they'll have any effect on the outcome (although I will change them if the evidence requires it). Ultimately, the only way to establish reference coordinates would be to take a high-precision GPS device to the exact locations to within a couple of feet and take a reading, and I hope someone will do that, and publish the results. The coordinates I've provided will at least help to find the exact locations.