Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newly-found map of Maidman Street supports previous assumption

An apparently newly-posted maplet (bottom map) which shows the location of Maidman Street (where Ada Wilson was attacked) initially gave me the impression that Maidman was much closer to Mile End Road than I had assumed, by virtue of the ratio of its length to its distance from Mile End Road. If true, this would demolish my claim there is an alignment of two Ripper sites at precisely 15 degrees above the east-west axis.

I eventually got oriented and realized that the majority of Maidman has been covered over by Mile End Park, and that Wentworth Mews is just a small section of what was once Maidman (top map). So, because Wentworth Mews is much shorter than Maidman was, the ratio of its length to its distance from Mile End Road only made it appear that it is further away from Mile End than Maidman was, but it is in fact the same distance away. Therefore, the source on the internet which claimed that Maidman is now Wentworth Mews is essentially vindicated, and my claim is still valid.

Because some sources claim that Wilson's address was 9, and others claim that it was 19, there is some uncertainty about the precise location, but considering the street's orientation, it has no effect on my conclusions.