Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Change, No Hope

The British are effectively carrying out warfare against the United States, LaRouche said. In addition, "the President is a complicit traitor to the United States in this war."
“If given an opportunity, we can be an integral part of cleaning up the coastal waters as well as oil-contaminated sand,” said Victoria Finley, vice president of business development at Osprey Biotechnics. “We have inventory on site — enough to make hundreds of thousands of gallons of product — that would be capable of being applied to the coastal cleanup.”

Instead, there appears to be no signs of interest from BP, the governor’s office or several elected officials Osprey has reached out to, according to Finley and Lauren Danielson, executive vice president of Osprey Biotechnics.

So, let's get this straight: "President" Obama isn't interested in any solutions other than BP's "solutions," and all indications are that they deliberately caused this gusher on the seafloor and that they are doing everything in their power to prevent anyone from doing anything about it, partly by giving us the impression that they've got it under control. What if their relief wells don't work? Is Obama going to throw up his hands, and tell us that he won't accept ideas from anyone but BP's board of directors - the British oligarchy which has been trying to destroy this nation for over 200 years?

The big liar and traitor has to go, and soon. He will never change his stripes, and they aren't American. He is a witting obstacle to any realistic solutions.