Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's limited hangout on Gulf gusher?

WMR learned that BP was able to have several safety checks waved because of the high-level interest by the White House and Pentagon in tapping the Gulf of Mexico bonanza find in order to plan a military attack on Iran without having to be concerned about an oil and natural gas shortage from the Persian Gulf after an outbreak of hostilities with Iran.

It's better than admitting that the creation of the gusher was orchestrated as a form of warfare on the US, with Obama's complicity, and made to look like an accident. If it were merely an accident, such high-level attention and political stakes would have probably ensured that no corners were cut, and if Obama really wanted to stop it now, he would be taking every possible step, including preparing for the nuclear option. Even if it's not needed, we should be ready to use it ASAP if it is.

The Queen's poodle has to go.