Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama's scripts on Gulf gusher follow a familiar pattern

President Obama on Monday, held a full-dress White House Cabinet session, to announce continued support for BP and the oil gusher. He said, "We also know that there's already a lot of oil that's been released, and that THERE'S GOING TO BE MORE OIL RELEASED NO MATTER HOW SUCCESSFUL THIS CONTAINMENT EFFORT IS." [emphasis added]

Over the past five days, top Obama officials have made a point of dismissing even considering explosives. "We are against blowing up the Gulf of Mexico," declared Carol Browner to MSNBC last week; she is Obama's energy and climate change czar. Admiral Thad Allen, head of the U.S. Unified Command, on the eve of Obama's June 4 trip to Louisiana, said that considerations of explosives are "peripheral to things we ought to be talking about right now." Translated, this means peripheral to what BP wants to do.

I consider this to be additional evidence that the Gulf gusher was no accident, and that it is part of British puppet Obama's war on the existence of the U.S. His economic scripts amount to a litany of lies about the perilous state of the economy. Why should we believe that his scripts about the Gulf gusher have any different intent?