Saturday, June 26, 2010

Original "A" pattern invalidated by location-corrections

I've deleted a few posts which have become useless or which were invalidated by the flurry of corrections, re-corrections, and re-re-corrections in the coordinates I list on my Ripper map. One of the more significant theories to bite the dust as a result of the corrections was the supposed existence of an "A" (for Ahriman/Satan), which depended on the previously grossly inaccurate location for Coles to create the alignment in the left leg. The other "A" can still be construed to exist, although the "triple alignments" are sloppy and the cross-bar consists of a stretch of Whitechapel Rd. It's not as symmetrical as it was due to the Coles location (end of left leg) being moved eastward about 180 feet. The vertex, which is the Kelly/Dorset site, is distinguished by virtue of the fact that Kelly's remains were the most horribly mutilated of all (perhaps intended as a sort of "crown" on the "A") and some interesting numerical combinations of the associated terms, such as the fact that Dorset converts to 81, i.e. 9x9, i.e. "666x3" (9 rotated becomes 6). Also, she was murdered on 11/9/1888, 6 days past the new Moon.