Monday, June 21, 2010

President Cool rapidly morphing into Prime Monster of the United States

But they chillingly forecast that everything else will fail because the substrate under the broken wellhead is filling with leaks and breaking up, and the blowout is "evolving" toward a monster geyser of 150-200,000 barrels a day which will cover the Gulf and soon the Atlantic, reaching the shores of Europe and Africa. And, they comment, both BP and the U.S. government know this, as shown by the shifts in BP's strategies in attempting to contain the oil.
On Friday, June 18, Obama publicly committed himself to the British line that "90% or more" of the blowout will be controlled by BP "within days and weeks." He has failed to mobilize all national and available international resources for keeping the oil away from Gulf Coast shores. And he has failed to act in any way to prepare for the "worst case," in which only PNEs [peaceful nuclear explosives] can work.

Impeach the traitor!