Monday, June 21, 2010

Ripper map: Corrected smaller error in Coles location

My previous location for the Coles location in my Jack the Ripper - significant locations map was based on a misinterpretation of a photo which referred to an "arch on the right" which I assumed was a mistake because I didn't see the arch on the right, which is much more subtle than the one on the left. Only after discovering other photos of this arch did I realize that the arch on the right is an arch. (See these photos here and here - the latter includes a photo taken of the interior through mail slot, supporting Guilford Ghost's claim that it is used by Barney's Seafood, as is the one which he erroneously identified as the correct arch.) I don't know why I didn't find these photos earlier, but it wasn't for lack of trying. All of these sources agree with a map which I found quite a while back, but discounted when I stumbled onto the Guilford Ghost's videos, which struck me as the ultimate way to pinpoint the locations, but which I now suspect were intended as disinformation.

To pinpoint the location of the arch on the map, I used Google Street View to look around and upward in the vicinity of the arch of interest for landmarks which would be visible in the corresponding aerial perspective, and noted that there is a street light across the street from the eastern edge of the arch of interest, and that this street light can be seen in the Google Maps aerial photo of the area. Because one source indicates that Coles' body was found about 20 feet inside the tunnel, the marker is on top of the tracks.

Hopefully this will inspire some confidence in my latest coordinates for the Coles location, and in my dedication to finding the correct locations in all cases.