Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Timing of "Russian spy" scandal very convenient, for British

Anyone who has observed the FBI's political-hit operations over the years knows that timing is key to the operation. They usually raise their false allegations at the beginning of a political campaign, and they gradually vaporize once the election is over. The supposed Russian spy scandal reeks of this same sort of thing - note how chummy Obama was toward Medvedev during the G20 conference, which I assume was his typical big lie. The BBC made a big deal about it shortly thereafter, along with the assassination of a Mexican politician, which I assume was ordered from London. (After scribbling this bit, I found that the Russian foreign minister also considers the timing to be suspicious.)

If Obama is going to "fulfill prophecy," he's going to need to make Russia into an enemy, and I suspect that Medvedev is also working from the same script. After all, LaRouche recently pointed out that he's surrounded by British "free trade" dictators, who I gather are picking up where Obama's "free trade" dictator Lawrence "the snake" Summers left off. I suppose his role as an "American agent" will eventually be used by Russian right-wingers as evidence that the US has been trying to destroy Russia all along (overlooking the fact that Summers is also working to destroy the US), and then it's off to "Armageddon."