Monday, July 12, 2010

Another front in the global reign of terror

KAMPALA, UGANDA -- The bombings orchestrated by Somalia's al-Shabab militia that killed at least 74 people watching the World Cup finals on television Sunday night are the latest sign of the growing ambitions of al-Qaeda's regional affiliates outside the traditional theaters of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

The attacks, intended to inflict maximum damage on civilian targets, mark the first major international assault by Somali militants IN A REGION WHERE THE UNITED STATES AND ITS ALLIES ARE ATTEMPTING TO STEM THE RISE OF ISLAMIST MILITANCY.

So now, "in response," I suppose more innocents will be killed, as fits the pattern of this "war on terror": the US/UK/Israeli "Apocalypse" gang and its "Islamic" terrorists killing civilians in a supposed attempt to hurt each other.