Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Big Lie fittingly wrapped himself in the mantle of Lincoln

"It was here, in this city, that our American journey began," Barack Obama told about 200 invited guests inside Philadelphia's 30th Street Station on Saturday before departing along the same path Abraham Lincoln took to Washington. [So it was there that he launched his war on it.]
Saturday's 137-mile, whistle-stop train tour rolled through Delaware and Maryland as throngs of joyous onlookers, bundled in furry hats, knit scarves and gloves, stood in the 10-degree weather at lookout points along the tracks. It ended in the nation's capital on the eve of a star-studded inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

Obama will take the oath of office Tuesday on a Bible used by Lincoln and attend an inaugural luncheon featuring favorite Lincoln foods.
"What's required is ... an appeal not to our easy instincts, but to our better angels," Obama told the crowd assembled outside Baltimore's City Hall.

To anyone who has a clue about Lincoln's actual accomplishments, it is almost blasphemous for Obama, a pathetic British agent and arch-traitor, to associate himself with that great President. The "Civil" War was in fact an attempt by the British Empire to destroy the USA by splitting it in half and pitting the two halves against each other in perpetual conflict, just as these agents of Satan have done throughout the world since establishing their imperial headquarters in Venice, after the collapse of their Roman empire. If you have any doubts that their agenda is literally diabolical, read Venice’s War Against Western Civilization, which exposes what is now the British Empire as the original Earthly enemies of human consciousness-evolution, and the source of the parodies of science and mathematics which currently masquerade as the real thing in every university.

If the British succeed in destroying global civilization and emerging victorious from the ashes, they will create a fascist/Satanic world order designed to drive the human spirit out of the world, as symbolized by the Skull & Bones "class photo" shown on this website's home page. Author and British agent George Orwell wrote in his book 1984 that "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever." He knew the plan.

Satanists like to think of themselves as a superior race of humans, but this "superior race" is just a euphemism for the pod-people into which Satan hopes to convert them. When they die, they will resume being human beings with a big load of bad karma due to the cruelty which Satan induced them into inflicting on others (perhaps in pursuit of "magical power," as the Harry Potter bait indicates) and eventually reincarnate, as humans, into a world which they helped to destroy in their previous incarnation. So, despite their assumption that they have no stake in the fate of the human race, it is in fact the branch upon which they are perched, and sawing it off is not in their best interest.