Thursday, July 22, 2010

Enter "the adults" with their serious "recovery" plan

July 16—The British Empire's economic gestapo, which sometimes goes by the name International Monetary Fund (IMF), on July 8, released its semi-annual "World Economic Outlook" which makes the double Nazi policy proposal of demanding 1) that all countries submit to deadly austerity and cuts in living standards, along with 2) an unlimited hyperinflationary bailout of the banks.
For the first time, the IMF has officially carried out a review of the U.S. economy, and determined that it has to slash its living standards....
The IMF prescriptions are blunt and to the point:

Europe must pump trillions into the banks....

Budgets have to be cut, especially health care, social security, pensions, and other entitlements....

Again, here's the Nazi strategy:

A) Get the big guns
B) Destroy the economy
C) Kill people to "fix the economy"

All they ever wanted was an excuse to kill people, because the world is supposedly overpopulated, according to the descendants of the same oligarchy that thought the world was overpopulated in the time of ancient Greece.

But according to Ben Stein, these Nazis are pleasant because they have jobs. Unpleasant, useless eaters are the ones who are out of work, meaning that they should be killed by pleasant people, or at least people who smile while they kill. His father, Herbert Stein, was evidently up to his eyeballs in setting the economy on its trajectory to Hades. But in exchange for his soul, he got a job for life, so he's pleasant. His son followed in his footsteps, to some extent, helping to program us to tolerate the "free trade" which has destroyed the global economy.

In commercials where Stein plugs "free credit reports," he implies that they should be checked frequently because they're riddled with "errors." These "errors" are deliberate falsifications intended to destroy peoples' lives, and organized Satanism uses them to provide themselves with excuses to do just that. The referenced article on Stein's insensitive statement includes a photo of him at the Heritage Foundation, that outpost of British Intelligence, eating Act II popcorn, perhaps because "act" converts to 24 and 6, and II resembles 11, the number of black magic. Given a choice between a photographic memory and a conscience, I'd take the latter.